Travel Tips: Lenten Trip Tips

During the sacred event of Lent (starting from Ash Wednesday and ending in Easter), Catholics from across the world travel back to their homelands or the holy destinations for the most devout. The season can be quite tricky to navigate because of the increased traffic of people and the number of restrictions to observe during this time. To make sure you don’t have trouble during this busy time, here are a few tips about planning church trips, restaurant searching, and more.

Get a Headstart

It pays to travel a few days initially from Lent itself to avoid the influx of people traveling last minute. Like with most holidays, cars in road trips will slow down to a crawl and cheaper flight seats will disappear faster than you can refresh your web page. No matter what the holiday, it pays (sometimes literally in savings) to travel earlier than you have to.

Seek Non-Meat Eateries

During the season of Lent, especially on Fridays, meat is often limited or banned altogether. This means that people who aren’t planning to cook for themselves during such a busy week will have to look for some no-meat alternatives when it comes to food. Seafood is an especially great alternative since it’s allowable during this time and can be prepared in a variety of ways. Plan your Friday schedules ahead of time and seek out at least three alternative restaurants in case one or two of your selected restaurants are too full of people.

Route Out Your Church
With all the church-goers heading to mass on similar days, there is a high chance the roads will be congested. This will make it hard to get on time for the masses you want to attend. Always stay one step ahead by planning the quickest way to your selected church and leaving a couple of hours prior to your usual leaving time in order drive quickly and safely to your selected destination.

Embark on the Stations

The Stations of the cross are a solemn look back into the sacrifices made by Jesus Christ. Most people will practice it solely in churches but there are more fun and memorable ways to recount the experiences he faced. In some countries with a very large Catholic following like the Philippines, they have special Way of the Cross stations placed in neighborhoods, hills, and even above mountains. It’ll be an eye-opening experience while enjoying the sights around you.

Start Your Day Early
When it comes to Lent, waking up early can often reap the better rewards. Attending masses in the morning may prove less stressful and may have better opportunities when it comes to driving and parking. The later it is in the day, the more people will often show up to the churches and places you want to go to. Don’t be trapped in the rat race by getting a head start so you can enjoy your free time and relax more.

Much like every holiday, proper preparation is crucial to maximizing your time during the Lenten season. Once you’re ready for the many obstacles that the week throws at you, you’ll find it a lot easier to get where you want to be on time while also feel a little less stress than you would if you weren’t ready for it. You’ll truly be able to meditate and relax during this important Catholic holiday.