Travel Treats: Pineapple Cake, Taiwan

Who doesn’t love a tasty fruit-based cake? Well if you want something flavorful, jam-filled, and soft, look no further than Taiwan’s tropical Pineapple Cake. This sweet treat is usually a square-shaped shortbread-like shell with a thick pineapple filling. You’ll often find it being served and given during Lunar New Year, either in shops as products or given as presents.

In some places, they are known as ‘Pineapple Shortbread’ or ‘Pineapple Tarts’. They taste best when warm and are delicious when paired with a nice cup of tea. While the filling is usually made of 100% pineapple, there are some bakeries who save money by using winter melon and a natural thickener to give it a similar taste and consistency. So when purchasing these square treats, the price may be a slight indication of the quality put behind it (do not rely solely on this method, though!)

So if you’re craving a baked treat that has the flavor of summer, travel to the Taiwanese shores and grab yourself a box of these bright and taste bud-tingling desserts.