Boracay Closure Date Closes In

After president Rodrigo Duterte approved the temporary closure of Boracay on April 4, 2018 for major
cleanup, the travel and tourism industry was ablaze with differing opinions. The decision made by the
leader figure would definitely affect several on-site businesses starting on April 26, 2018. This
cleanup was said to span total of 6 months from then, shutting down one of the Philippines major
tourism destinations for a long while.

In response to the situation, the Tourism Secretary of The Department of Tourism, Wanda Teo, claims
that the cleanup duration can be quickened to 3 or 4 months. She explains that if the major businesses
and locals within the island were to give their full cooperation, the rehabilitation efforts would definitely
speed up exponentially. As for the reason why the closure would occur during the summer, a peak
season for beach-goers and tourists to visit, the date was set to avoid the rainy seasons which would
definitely slow down their cleaning efforts.

The cause for said cleanup is due to the increased permission of beachfront building and development.
This, however, resulted in inadequate sewage and water treating facilities. A good portion of these
beachfront businesses have ended up draining wastewater directly into the ocean. This violates
wastewater management, rendering the surrounding water unsanitary.

This closing duration will hopefully aid in sorting out the mess of building permits and awry waste
management that has been plaguing the island as of late. Some individuals see this as a  chance for the
white-sanded beach destination to go back to its more natural and less crowded appeal from days past
before massive development congested the majority of the island. Only time will truly tell if Boracay can
truly be as grand as it was in days past.

In light of these events, Mango Tours’ shows full support for the closure of Boracay and the many changes that will be made to help create a better vacation environment for both locals and foreign guests alike. As such, all Boracay bookings will not be accepted temporarily for the duration of the cleanup while new tours and travels equivalent to the ones requested will be offered. This will also help promote many of the fun attractions and regions across the Philippines perfect for exploring! If your booking through us has been affected by this, please contact the agent who booked your trip for more info.