Commonly Mispronounced Places: Asia

Mistakes happen, especially when pronouncing words that are foreign to us. No need to take up language classes before setting foot on your next travel destination, though. We’ve got a quick cheat list on how to finally say the names of various places across Asia the right way.

- Bangkok, Thailand: Bang-gawhk
- Phuket, Thailand: Poo-ket
- Beijing, China: Bey-jing
- Phnom Penh, Cambodia: naam-pen
- Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Ku-aala-Lumpur

- Myanmar: my'ahn-MAHR
- Iraq: ee-ROCK
- Kyrgyzstan: keer-guh-stan
- Laos: louse

- Maldives: MOHL-deeves
- Iran: ee-RON
- Azerbaijan: AHH-ZER-BY-JOHN
- Qatar: KUH-tur

A bit of helpful advice: interact with the locals of your chosen destination. There’s nothing more interesting and educational than learning the culture, language, and, of course, the pronunciation of places with the people who hail from it. Now that you’ve added something new to your list of phonetic geography, awareness is the key. Share away!