Commonly Mispronounced Places: Australia & New Zealand

One of the common things that happen when traveling is the mispronouncing of a country’s given name. In order to avoid getting into embarrassing audible situations with the locals of your destination (and with your fellow travelers), here's a handy list of places in Australia and New Zealand with name pronunciations you can say out loud with confidence:

Bathurst: Bath-est
Wollombi: Wol-lum-bye
Brewarrina: Brew-ar-eena
Walcha: Wol-ka
Beaconsfield: Bec-kons-field
Creswick: Crez-zick
Canberra: Can-bra
Melbourne: Mel-bunhe
Brisbane: Bris-bn
Manuka: Marn-ukka

Rotorua: Rotoe-ru-ah
Matamata: Mutter-mutter
Remuera: Re-moo-ear-a
Porirua: Pour-ree-ru-ah
Oamaru: Oh-ar-ma-roo

Now you can mention these names without getting weird looks or getting corrected by the people around you. But don’t just keep it to yourself! Spread the word and help educate your fellow travelers on how you need to call these travel destinations. Juuuust make sure to keep the bragging to a minimum.