Global News: Finding the Next Boracay, Inflatable Unicorn Island, and more!

Where Could The Next Boracay Be?
With news of Boracay being closed for the busy summer rush spreading, the Philippines is on the lookout for the “next Boracay”. One of the top candidates so far? San Vicente in Palawan. A remote area with everything you could want from a relaxing tropical destination: relaxing sea breeze, soft sands, and cool waters. Will this be your next go-to island for the summer?

Travel Tips for Skybound Eating
Despite their lackluster flavor and proteins, airplane food may not be too much of a problem for the run-of-the-mill traveler. But for people who travel on a near-regular basis, it can get tiring in the long run. To avoid having to chow down on unsavory plane food, do a bit of research and seek out some airport snacks and meals you can procure pre-flight.

Destination Recommendations from Travel Agents
Choosing a travel destination can be a big decision, but having no prior experience can make choosing feel like a risky roulette with your hard-earned cash as the ‘collateral’. But who better to advise you on these matters than travel agents? With their constant experience booking trips and collecting the reactions of their customers, they’ll definitely give advice worth looking into and can very well save you the trouble of vacations you might end up hating.

Unicorn Island Inflates in the Philippines
Unicorns and bouncy castles. These items illicit a fun vibe to the today’s generation. From their vibrant colors and penchant for wonder and fun, they can easily be enjoyed by anybody at any age. This new Philippine attraction seems to want to combine both into a destination that’ll definitely bring the crowds (and their cameras) running. You and your friends can visit this amazing inflatable island attraction in Subic Bay!