Global News: Spring Destinations, Travel Reminders, and more!

Spring Must-Visit Destinations
Immerse in the spring bliss until it lasts! You may have been going to your favorite tulip fields in Amsterdam every year, but why not check out other interesting destinations that you can add to this season’s bucket list. It’s never too late for that last-minute (or spontaneous) adventure especially with good deals on hotels and airfares popping here and there.

Travel Dont’s to Remember
The idea of travel alone can overwhelm us, both good and bad. With all the preparations and budgeting, along with the unexpected brought about by your actual travels, there’s a chance to miss out on other minor but significant things. Skip the troubles and be prepared by thinking ahead with these simple tips to keep in mind.

Explore the Beauty of Vietnam
There’s more to Vietnam, formerly called Saigon, than the famous Ha Long Bay and its long history with other countries - from dominations, rebellions, and reunifications, to its fall and rise. Vietnam is a melting pot of culture that beautifully radiates its fusion of ancient and modern. Uncover once more the wonderful surprises of a land that showcases diversity in culture and natural wonders.

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‘Riverdale’ Star Comments Positively on the Philippines
The warmth of the Filipinos and the tropical beauty of the Philippines welcomed 25-year old Riverdale star Cole Sprouse in his recent visit. Apart from showing his enthusiasm for being one of the newest endorsers of Bench, he also expressed his fondness toward the accommodating Filipino culture, its cuisine, and warm locals. He’s fond of collecting something interesting, can you guess what it is? Discover more about him!

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