Global News: Trending Travel Places, shoe packing tips, and more!

Travel Trends: Destinations
All the most dedicated travelers will be on the lookout for the latest and most exciting travel trends. And one of the important things to find out first is where the next journey will take place. So, it’s time to update that bucket list with these destinations which are on the rise! Your biggest springtime adventure might just be waiting around the corner among one of these amazing places.

Anti-Muslim Actions Shut Down by Helpful Citizen Movement
When hateful “Punish a Muslim” letters were circulating and telling people to attack these people on the 3rd of April, the community was panicked. It would not be the first instance race and religion played a hand in terrorizing a group of people. Fortunately, supportive folks proposed an idea that would help assure that the Muslim community would have somebody to walk with, minimizing the chance of them being caught alone and possibly attacked. It was a kind gesture that helped show the world that there are everyday heroes who are willing to give acceptance and racial diversity a try in this new age.

Techniques for Travel Shoe Packing
Shirts can be folded, toiletries can be bunched up, and electronics can easily be put away. When packing your bag for travel, making minimizing your items to make extra space for everything can be easy. But an item that’s hard to minimize is travel shoes. Chunky and hard to fold, it can be a bit of a guessing game to figure out where to put these items in while packing for a trip. With a little help and some good advice, it can be easy to fit them into any luggage!

Kindhearted Passenger Goes on 300-mile Passport-returning Trip
How far would you go out of your way to help out a fellow passenger? When this American tourist accidentally left her most important travel item back at her Japanese hotel, a fellow American traveler was quick to come to her aid traveling many miles just to return this important item that would grant the stuck adventurer passage to return back home. Who says heroes can only be found in the history books?

10 walk-friendly Cities Across the Globe
Some people prefer to ride buses, others would take to bicycles and motor vehicles, but these amazing cities are best explored on your own two feet. Pack your walking shoes and take a walk on the scenic side! These global destinations have so much for you to see and do while on your feet, so don’t miss this chance to stretch your legs on this fun and grounded journey.

Rome for Foodies
Who doesn’t love the flavor of Roman cuisine? With their bold flavors, tasty ingredients and signature zest, your mouth will water before you even take a bite. But with so many dishes to discover and taste, how will you know what’s the best of the best to fill your tummy with? That’s where a handy travelers food guide to Rome will come most handy. Seek out only the best of the best that’s sure to satisfy the cravings of a global foodie.