Multipurpose Must-haves for Travel

A good traveler knows how to make the most of every travel. That can include the items inside their travel luggage. Doing double duty with some of your travel items can be pretty handy while also lessening the stress of bringing more and more unnecessary (or even expensive) items with you during your travels, adding to the clutter and chaos of modern travels. Here are a few items you can pack during your next trip that can do more than what they were initially made for.

Plastic bags
If you have any clean and large plastic bags lying around at home, be sure to bring them with you on your next trip! They can be useful as a means of storage for wet clothes, can help keep your toiletries and other small items organized, and can even be an extra bag for when you really need another one at the last moment. Keep a combination of regular plastic and ziplocs for different occasions and needs.

Drawstring Backpacks
Much like Plastic bags, the specific structure of drawstring bags can have a variety of uses. It can be used as a laundry bag for your dirty clothes, store dirty shoes inside of them, and work as a smaller backpack when you want to take city tours. Some of them are even made of waterproof materials and can be easily folded like a shirt or a towel when not in use.

Hotel Shower items
These include little bottles of shampoo or conditioner, small bars of soap, or disposable shower caps. Those tiny bars of soap can come handy if you need some hand-cleaning on the go while shower caps can help by becoming bag organizers, slipper covers or even makeshift gloves if you’re desperate.

The scarf is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing you can have on you when traveling. Aside from protecting your neck from the cold, they can make handy hair ties, bandanas, makeshift rope, or even a blanket or a shawl (depending how big it can be when unfurled). Pick one that can fit a multitude of the styles you take with you and you’ll be able to wear it no matter where you go, but even if you don’t keep it in your bag just in case.

Socks can keep your feet warm or make loose shoes feel a little more snug, but there are other ways you can use fashionable pieces of footwear. But these stretchy cloth items can do more than just cover your little piggies. Hide and cover your electronics like cellphones, external drives, flash drives, digital cameras, and more small items inside of them to keep them padded for any rough travels or hide them from any potential baggage thieves.

Got all that? With these items doing twice the things they were intended to do, it can make life a little easier for you when you start packing for a new adventure! What other items do you pack that can do double duty during your travels? Tell us in the comments below!