On Spotlight: Countryside Adventures

In the past, big cities and modern venues were the highlights of every traveler’s itinerary. The excitement of these big, busy and state-of-the-art destinations was meant to excite and fill the average tourist with a sense of largeness and grandiose. But these days, some of the biggest travel trends to surface in recent times takes this hype to a completely opposite direction.

Enter countryside travels where guests venture into the beautiful and charming calm outside of the big cityscapes. From quaint farmlands to rustic outdoor camping, you’ll find the opportunity to get to know mother nature and her gifts once more. If you’re worried that you might end up sleeping in a barn, don’t worry about it. Countryside tours are popping up more and more these days and feature relaxing accommodations that you can retreat in after a long day of exploration and rediscovery of the simpler life.

While you may be accustomed to your usual travels and had carried out different kinds in the past, weighing out the pros and cons of countryside adventures help especially if you plan on trying one.


- The countryside is a break from the mundane of everyday life, especially if you live in the city.

- The contrast in setting gives you a better understanding of the life in the rural - culture, tradition, and lifestyle. It’s like setting foot in a new world.

- There are fewer but friendlier people. If you’ve been with crowds or working in a big company, you’d be surprised at how less you need to interact with on a travel like this.

- Farm and wine tours, as examples, offer not only recreational but also new learning experiences.

- While they say there’s nothing a beach can cure, the same goes with the countryside. There’s an abundance of nature - more fresh air, good amount of warmth from the sun, and it’s less populated.


- Accessibility can be a challenge. The rural, most of the time is a road-less travel, thus options of modes of transportation might require more money and longer time travel.

- When you have been living in the city or in a big town and chose to spend a few days in the rural, it is important to understand that choices aren't as varied as you've been used to.

- Since there’s an abundance in nature, like farms as the best example, structures like small shops, food places, etc. are isolated and distantly located. Getting to and fro point A and B usually take long walks or quick rides.

- Electricity becomes harder to come by the farther from civilization you are. There are places that are run by generators or some even have lights out policies.

- It’s not a concrete jungle out there. Bugs and other small animals are frequently encountered since the nature of your destination - vast, open outdoors, is primarily nature-centered. Don’t worry, as long as you’re prepared with bug spray and packed with clothes that would cover your body when exploring the outdoors, all you have to work on is having a great time!

Going on a countryside adventure is like getting back to the basics.  If there’s one beautiful thing that you can get out of this is the feeling of being grounded. You could say it’s a reset of your mundane cycle of living. When taking on new adventures, it is important to put into consideration the benefits and drawbacks like you do with other travels. Engaging in something new can overwhelm you but remember that you also gain many wonderful things from it - physically, emotionally, and mentally.