Travel Tips: Alternative Summer Activities

The first thing that comes to mind when you think of summer vacation will usually be “the beach”. The soft sand beneath your feet. The deliciously cool waters. The tangy breeze of the ocean. It truly is synonymous with the theme of summer. But sometimes, taking the same route over and over can get stale and you might find yourself a little bored of the usual sand and sea. The answer is simple: Diversify your summer vacation experiences! Here are some fantastic vacation alternatives from your usual beach outing.

Mountain Trip
With the summer heat beating down on you, it can give you a reason to pack your seaside essentials and drive to the nearest shoreline. But a new and exciting way to cool off is to drive to the cool mountainside cabins or resorts. Book a trip to some high-altitude destination where you can enjoy communing with nature as you are surrounded by the untainted and chilly mountain air. It’s the perfect way to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of beach life.

Summer Classes
Trade in your flip-flops for a learning cap and mix it up this summer by learning a new set of skills. Look into your local community center, craft shop, or even various university institutes to see if they have classes open to the public. Wanna learn how to knit your own scarves? Maybe you want to get into calligraphy to make some fancy cards? How about picking up a martial art so you can defend yourself when needed? There are so many possibilities waiting for you! All you need is a clear summer schedule and the drive to acquire new skills.

City Staycation
You don’t have to leave the city to have a good time during the summer, either. Pick a swanky hotel or resort to call home for the weekend and enjoy your time chilling in an air-conditioned room or a cool poolside while ordering room service and enjoying the sights of the surrounding attraction you may or may not be familiar with. Indulge yourself without having to leave the convenience of civilization.

Why stop at the beach when you can glide and explore the wide blue oceans in the world. There may not be any sand on a cruise ship, but there will definitely be a lot of sun and sea. Cruises are a great way to see the world while still enjoying the beauty and atmosphere the waves and salty sea breeze have to offer. Aside from being close to the water, there are a large number of modern amenities, activities, and services available onboard so there’s never a dull moment when exploring on or off the boat.

Countryside Escape
If cities and crowded beaches aren’t your thing, you can escape into the countryside for a bit of time away from the rush of your daily life. From fresh fruits and veggies to the rustic feel of the simple life, there are many countryside adventures slowly becoming prominent in the travel industry and are now trending these days. So if you’re looking for a long journey for the summertime, consider traveling to the outskirts of the city and enjoy a low-tech escape.

So put your beach plans on the shelf and consider any of these fantastic destination alternatives that are fun and exciting in their own right. Give your next summer vacation a little diversity and enjoy a fresh experience that you will truly enjoy remembering as the years go by.