Travel Tips: Get Summer-ready

With summer just waiting at the corner and ready to take its place on the seasonal throne, it’s time you planned out your vacation time battle plan! From beach trips to overseas adventures, there’s so much to do once the heat and wafts in. Here are a few things you need to be mindful of before the summer officially sets in.

Prepare your summer wardrobe
It’s time to put the cardigans and sweaters back into the closet and time to pull out the tank tops and slippers!Shed your winter coat and trade it in for a fun and light summer look that will help you keep cool under the heat of the sizzling summer sun. If you’re planning to take to the beach, prepare to look you best by bringing out or buying a swimsuit or trunks that’ll help you look good while enjoying the splash of the cool ocean waves. 

Load up on sunscreen
While your summer wardrobe may help you keep cooler, your skin may be exposed to harmful sun rays that can damage it. Before the vacation time starts, grab some moisturizing sunscreen lotion from the store and make sure you’re covered. Slather a good amount on your arms, legs, neck, and any other parts you’ll be exposing to the sun (like on your front and back when wearing swimsuits). 

Set up your garden
The summer sun can be especially harsh on your your plants as it is harsh on your skin. Some plants may need less exposure to the strong sunlight, so cover them just enough to block the noontime sun when the light comes harshest from above. Watering should be done frequently too since the increased heat will make everything drier than usual. Keep succulents and other sunlight-sensitive plants within the shade but leave your desert or sun-absorbing plants like sunflowers or cacti out.

Home inspection
With all that free time available to you, you might as well plan out a summer cleaning week. Schedule some time off and assign one area of the house to clean for a specified set of time. Note that, large portions of your living space will take a lot longer to clean while smaller areas like closets or  shelves will take more time. Tackling portions of the house through a span of several days can make the job of fixing up an entire house seem less daunting. When cleaning, start by taking everything out of the area, grouping them all in categories (books, devices, etc.), then deciding what to keep and throw away/donate before rearranging everything back again.

Sometimes, summer isn’t just about prepping your clothes, home, or activities. Self-care and preparation can mean different things for people. For some, it can be time to relax and rejuvenate after a long school/work year. This could mean lounging about catching up on some reading or video games. For others, it's a time to work on their beach bodies or to travel outside the country. No wonder what kind of summer activities you have planned out, an ample amount of preparation is needed so that it can go off without a hitch!

Make a list, put these items in the order which you think is most important, and get to work! The summer season may seem far away for now, but time can move in the blink of an eye if you aren’t paying attention. The sooner you’re prepared, the easier it is to enjoy your holiday without and further interruptions.