Travel Tips: Self Care for the Avid Traveler

As a traveler, you can often get really excited and carried away when it comes to your next big adventure. But in your pursuit to make it a perfect and memorable trip, you can often end up neglecting yourself and your health before or while you journey. Without the proper care, you might end getting sick while in transit and during your big day. Here are a few ways you can keep track and better your health even amidst your travel busyness:

Keep to your sleep schedule
This might seem like a tall order, especially once you pass the international date line and start to feel the fatigue of jet lag, but there are ways to help balance out your snoozing. If you’re having a hard time getting to sleep in a new setting, there are a few ways relax your body enough for rest. Take a cold shower and do a slow activity that isn’t on your phone like an adult coloring book or reading out in a room away from your bed.

Overdoing your itinerary
During a big trip, you may want to see as much as you can while there. But stuffing your itinerary to the brim is an invitation to traveler burnout. Packing in too many landmarks to visit may jeopardize your trip instead of making it memorable by making your travel schedule hectic, tiring you out, and ultimately disappointing you further when you find out the monument is not available for visiting. Try to keep your destinations at a reasonable number and you’re sure to enjoy yourself a lot more.

Full meals and drinks
Think of your body as a machine. In order to function, machines need to be fueled in order to have the capacity to finish their assigned task. For human beings, drink and food are essential in order to function at optimum capacity. Whether you want to wall climb in an exotic mountainside or just want to walk beside some Parisian bistros, make sure your tank is filled and you’re fully hydrated before anything else (and make sure to use the bathroom before you even think of leaving).

Treat yourself sometimes
Money-saving can be essential when it comes to global traveling, but being stingy throughout the whole trip can defeat the purpose of vacationing itself. For every big trip you take, make sure you treat yourself to something a bit extravagant at least once to really indulge and treat yourself. You can pick from a high-class meal with local dishes, a spa or massage appointment, or even a shopping spree using a sizeable sum of money. If anything, spending a big amount of money on yourself will make you feel good about your choice of seeing and experiencing new things.

Take a day off
Even without overdoing your itinerary, traveling can be a tiring pursuit. With so much riding, planning, walking around, all while carrying luggage, you’ll eventually feel the fatigue once you’ve returned home. To avoid this, a “day off” from your vacation can be a great way to get some of your bearings back mid-travel. When making travel plans, factor in a whole or half-day of just staying in your accommodations and not doing anything but relaxing. No hiking. No extreme sports. No sightseeing. Just you in your room, curled up in bed, while watching some TV or reading a book. You can take the time to arrange your travel photos, organize your luggage, perform maintenance on your recording equipment, or update your social media and followers on everything that has happened so far. The main goal of an off day is to just veg out and not stress about what to do or where to go for a good portion of the day.

Remember that you’re only human and that your ultimate vacation getaway plan might be too much for your body to handle. If the fatigue from your journeys doesn’t get you during your trip, you’re sure to feel it at a later date. Just keep these self-caring tips in mind and you’re sure to have a fruitful and energetic adventure ahead of you.