Travel Treats: Quesadilla, Mexico

The Quesadilla. A delicious staple to any Mexican restaurant, whether fast food or otherwise. This tasty
treat fulfills the cravings of foodies who love a dish with an ample mix of savory meat, spices, freshly
chopped veggies, and generous amount of cheese. All of this is wrapped in a grilled tortilla, made out of
either corn or flour, with a subtle flavor that really helps elevate the flavors stored inside.

Even if dish has its origins in the colorful Mexican regions, a number of other countries have contributed
to its modern development. The corn tortilla was first created by the North Americans, Italy introduced the
Oaxaca cheese which is often used in the dish, and Spain was the country that influenced the addition of
pork and beef to the filling.

The quesadilla was a special dish in that it can be eaten for any meal. In some cases, the contents inside
the tortilla would be changed depending on the mealtime itself. The dish is also very versatile, with some
ingredients replaced to accommodate picky eaters and people with special diets such as vegetarians. Ther
e is even a specialized version of the dish known as the ‘Sincronizada’ (Synchronized), a sandwich-like
quesadilla filled with ham and cheese that’s perfect for snack time.