Travel treats: Tokwa't Baboy, Philippines

Cooking can be an exciting activity. Mixing multiple food types and ingredients together can help
enhance many individual food items and make them even tastier than before. One great example is
the mix of pork and tofu in the local Philippine dish Tokwa’t Baboy. It originated from Cavite.

From the juicy pork to the savory tofu (or tokwa in the local dialect), this dish has a lot of things going
going for it. The dish often includes garlic, and peppercorns aside from the block of tofu (which will be
cut and fried) and the pork ear and belly. There’s also a dipping sauce that is a mix of vinegar, soy
sauce, salt, pepper, sugar, shallots, chili peppers, shallots and pork broth.

This dish is pretty diverse as it can be served as a side dish, and appetizer, and a beer snack, often
served with rice and sometimes served with rice porridge, because of its zesty flavor and mixture of  
different flavors.