Travel Treats: Xiao Long Bao, China

Originating from Jiangnan region in China is one of the world's famous and most loved Chinese delicacy - xiao long bao. Served in bamboo steam baskets, these small thin-skinned buns are known for its meat dumpling and soupy broth. Getting a taste of this miniature soup pockets is like love at first bite. A delicate, semi-translucent dumpling wrapper envelopes the meat filling with gelatinized meat broth (can be pork, beef, or chicken). While steaming, the gelatinized broth liquefies, turning into a savory soup. So how do you eat this comforting pouch of soup without scalding your mouth or getting messy?

With your chopsticks, pick up the dumpling on its knot. Place on the Chinese spoon soup and bite off the top to let the steam out. After giving it a few moments to cool, slowly slurp up the soup and eat the dumpling. These small, hot pouch of goodness comes with a dipping sauce of black vinegar and fresh ginger. Whether you put the sauce in your empty spoon before placing the dumplings on it, dipping in the sauce, drizzling it over the dumplings, or adding these after you've nipped the dumpling, it's up to you how to enjoy it (you only need a little so remember not to pour the sauce into the dumpling).