Ways to Appreciate Springtime

There’s more to appreciate about spring than the Instagram-mable flowers and donning lighter clothes.
Here are other things that make this season a truly exciting one:

Nurture the greens
Because why not? When the ground has started to thaw, the weather pleasant, days are now longer
than nights, and the sun’s warmth is fine. Although it’s been said that springtime is the best season to
enjoy the gardens, the perfect time to plant is during after summer, fall or early winter as they enter
dormancy. During spring and summer, there is usually more work when it comes to watering. But hey,
would you mind being outside in the garden with lovely blooms on a fine spring day?

Explore the outdoors - hike, bike, camp
From staying indoors during the previous season, who wouldn’t be excited about spending more time
outdoors - with the weather warming up, verdant greens all around, and birds chirping and frisky furry
ones everywhere? Take the hike trails, bike around parks and towns, witness the sunrise and sunset.
Spring is the best time to take in the raw beauty of nature as it bursts back to life, now is the time to
enjoy many things outdoors.

Go on food trips. Enjoy picnics (in the park or at the beach)
Wind down from a day filled with exciting outdoor activities, dine alfresco! One of the wonderful things
to enjoy during spring is the food in season. Feel nourished, light and fresh brought about by the wide
array of gastronomical spring choices - from fresh produce and herbs to pantry staples and frozen
goods. Not only that, but dining outdoors also do wonders such as improve mood, concentration, and
fuel the body with a natural dose of vitamin D.

Cherry blossoms
Plan a trip to places where the iconic pretty pink flowers are in full bloom! Cherry blossoms have become
a major tourism draw and there’s no denying that seeing these at its best feature is worthy of a spot in
every bucket list.


Since a lot of things are ideally enjoyed outside at this time, why not participate in programs like
devoting some time to shelter animals, take part in planting or constructions projects, cleaning
activities, or the like. While daytime isn’t as harsh as the summer sun brings, make the most out of this
season by lending an extra hand on activities outdoors.