Commonly Mispronounced Places: Europe

Europe - this fascinating continent is sure to sweep you off your feet with its many, many must-see world-renowned attractions. Show Europe and its locals some love by saying the names of these frequently mispronounced places (not necessarily like a local) the way they’re supposed to be said.

- Marbella, Spain: mar-bey-a
- Leicester, UK: les-ter
- Greenwich, London: grEN-ITCH
- Edinburgh, Scotland: edin-BUR
- Thames River, UK: TEMs

- Versailles, France: Ver-SYE
- Ibiza, Spain: Ee-bee-tha
- Córdoba, Spain/Argentina: COR-duh-buh
- Lucerne, Switzerland: Lutz-urn
- Wroclaw, Poland: Vrots-lav

Now that you’ve brushed up on your basic foreign language skills on some of the places across this continent, it’s time to share this new knowledge! However, while you’re out and about on your European journey, another useful tip would be having a translation app on your mobile phone. Remember, don’t be hard on yourself because there’s no need to go full-on native mode while traveling abroad. All that matters is being able to convey the message and be understood whether through the universal language or in the native tongue at least correctly.