Eco-friendly Travel Item Alternatives

Avoid compromising the environment for convenience. Be a smart, stylish, and sustainable traveler by packing these alternative essentials on your journeys:

Canvas tote bag/reusable bags
Cut down plastic waste with a you-never-know-when-you-need-one bag. A canvas or reusable bag is both spacious and stylish that works not just for traveling but also for everyday use whether at work or grocery shopping.

Reusable water bottle, straw, utensils
Save money and help save the environment by getting your own reusable bottles. With the many available options to choose from, you'll be doing a great deal economically and environmentally. Skip the plastic disposable bottles which end up in landfills, same goes for millions of disposable straws and utensils. Bring with you everywhere your very own set that even fits well with your lifestyle like straws that come with brushes and cutlery set made from either stainless steel or organic materials.

Handcrafted eye wear
Think this: you don't just protect your eyes but also the environment! Can it get any cooler than that? Selections of eyewear frames vary from wood to recycled plastic and aluminum and more.

Reusable toiletries kit
Instead of buying small versions of your toiletries and eventually having to throw them away, why not opt for organic or post-consumer recycled containers which you only need to refill? And since many of these toiletry travel kits are TSA-approved, it's definitely a must-have for frequent travelers.

Solar power bank
With today's technology-dependent generation, it is important to always have the basic gadgets charged especially while you're out and about. But how about when you can't be anywhere near an outlet like in campsites? This is where solar power banks are a lifesaver. While it can be charged from an outlet, simply hanging it on your backpack while on the go in the day gets it charged from the natural power of the sunlight.

A simple change in lifestyle and preference can be a great contribution to the community, economy and the environment. Helping save the environment through the smallest acts can become a collaborative effort, a ripple, and eventually create a positive change. As a frequent traveler who uses these alternative products, you'll have an opportunity to advocate eco-friendly and responsible travels through them.