Fantastic Philippine Beaches (that aren't Boracay)

There’s not doubt Boracay has been one of the top vacation hotspots of the Philippines for the summer. But even with that gem of beach getaway still present, the Philippines has a total of 7, 641 islands to explore. In each of those islands, a treasure of a destination may potentially be hidden and just waiting to be discovered.

El Nido, Palawan
Escape to Palawan and enjoy a gateway to natural and wild side of the Philippine archipelago in the sparkling island of El Nido. The many views across the location, coupled with the soft, sandy beaches and beautiful waters, make this a total must see for any Philippine-visiting travelers. From caves to waterfalls and even lagoons, there’s definitely a lot to explore.

San Vicente, Palawan
Dubbed the “longest white beach in the Philippines”, the aptly named Long Beach of san Vicente spans around 14 kilometers worth shoreline that has yet to be developed fully. But even in its raw state, the scenes are beautiful and have a very calming and fresh vibe to them.  Make the most of your Philippine stay and enjoy your stay in this raw and uncut diamond of a place.

Panglao, Bohol
If aquatic attractions are your thing, then you might want to map out an itinerary for Panglao Bohol. Before, it used to be a very quiet place. But after the discovery of this prime vacation spot, people from all over have been wanting to get a piece of the action. The biggest attraction is the option to dive under the gorgeous waves and witness the beautiful sea life.

Bantayan island, Cebu
While the rest of the world has been heading in the direction of modernization, Bantayan has kept to its simple and charming lifestyle. Foreigners just can’t get enough of its light-colored sand, vivid waters, and beautiful sunsets as your day of exploring and relaxation begins to end. It’s definitely the good life when you take a trip to Bantayan.

Samal, Davao
Samal, Davao has 118-kilometers of coastline filled with white sand, beautiful greenery, fantastic rock formations, and much more. All of this definitely makes it worthy of attention from people planning to have a Philippine vacation. From islands that disappear during the high tide to the Coral Garden Marine Park with diverse Marine Life, there’s something for everybody here.  

Open your horizons and explore the bounty of beaches and resorts all across the Philippine archipelago. You’ll be surprised by how different the vibes of each place can be while having similar high-quality services and friendly staff. Find your own little slice of tropical heaven and book those tickets ASAP.