Global News: Amazing Archipelagos, Supersonic Air Travel, and more!

Amazing Archipelagos of the World

Why settle for one destination when you can have multiple little lands to explore? Archipelagos are whole regions or countries that are classified by multiple islands and islets. The fun in exploring archipelagos is that every island has a story and culture of its own. Which island collection will you check out soon?

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Supersonic Air Travel Expected to Boom in Asia

Man’s dreams of ultra fast flights might soon come true. With a recently renewed interest in the subject of supersonic travels, multiple companies have provided funding for research on travels in as short as 5 hours between countries such as Los Angeles and Shanghai. The future seems bright for conveniently quick and comfy travels from the US to Asia in the coming years.

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Fantastic European Summer Getaways You Might Miss

Europe is an amazing travel destination, but traveling to all the same places over and over can get a little stale. What you need to keep your travels there interesting is to take the road less traveled! With multiple European destinations overlooked by the run-of-the-mill tourist, you’ll definitely experience something fresh and new when you explore the unexplored.

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Get Festive in Germany!

When we think Germany, we think majestic or austere European streets and attractions. But austere is far from what Germany can be with its multitude of colorful and exciting festivities and events that delight both locals and tourists alike. From carnivals to massive drinking parties, it definitely pays to be aware of the events that happen across the country so you can make it part of your present and future travel itineraries.

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Cebuana Dreams Granted by Korean City

After young Cebuana Jenny (not real name) got into a vehicular accident at the young age of 16, she felt like both her deformed cheek and slightly impaired vision would never be fixed ever again. But that all changed when she was given the chance to receive constructive surgery in Yeosu, South Korea nearly 14 years after. Her promise for medical surgery is just one of the many pledges promised to Mayor Tomas OsmeƱa after his recent visit to Korea in order to reactivate a sisterhood agreement made back in 2011.

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