Global News: Europe's secret beaches, Memorial Day weekend, and more!

Tips on Memorial Day Travels
Memorial Days can be pretty tough for people who want to travel. That’s especially true for the upcoming Memorial Weekend where more than 41.5 million people were estimated to take to the road during that time. That number is the highest so far in the last 12 years. Careful planning is definitely required to navigate these busy days and to avoid getting hungry and bored on the long ride ahead.

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Asia’s Food Hub
Getting a flavor of your destination is the best way to understand the culture of your destination. Kuala Lumpur having recognized as a melting pot, thrives amidst the fusion of races, culture, and language. With its dynamic city and colorful history, one thing that stands out in the Malaysian culture is its food scene. The delectable mix of Chinese, Indian, and Malay is a major draw among locals and tourists. One could crave for foreign dishes but equally enjoy a distinct Malaysian flavor in it.

Splashin’ in Europe’s Beaches
Work hard and travel harder! Now that the summer glory is almost around the corner, sun worshipers just can’t wait and hit the road to the beach. While the favorite summer destinations (of course tropical countries and the Mediterranean) are always there, splashing in the waters of the lesser known sounds just as exciting and fun! Experience a different kind of holiday this season amidst less crowded and unspoiled beach alternatives in Europe.

Japanese Royalty’s First Time in Hawaii
The Prince and Princess from the Land of the Rising Sun will touchdown for the first time on Hawaiian shores this coming June 4 to June 8 in the island of Oahu. Prince Fumihito, the second son of Japan's Emperor Akihito, and his wife, Princess Kiko will make their way to the island in order to strengthen relations with Japanese communities outside of Japan. 

Record Number of Tourists in Australia
Australian tourism reached greater heights than ever before with a whopping 9.2 million international visitors. The Australian Bureau of Statistics noted that there have been a 7.7 percent increase in the last 12 months. The country owes these numbers to amazing tourist attractions like the scenery, the wildlife, along with world-class food and wine that visitors just can’t seem to get enough of.