Global News: The Search for Next Boracay, Festivals in Europe, and more!

Iloilo’s Islands Could Be the Next Boracay
While different from the beach party vibe of the island of Boracay, Iloilo’s Isla de Gigantes (Island of the Giants) may just be what the wandering beachgoer might be looking for when it comes to sand, sun, and fun. From a smorgasbord tasty seafood dishes, hidden lagoons, uncrowded beaches, and several islands to check out, there’s definitely a lot of appeal in low-key destinations like this for the upcoming vacation season.

Gifts for the Traveling Mom
With mother’s day on the horizon, it can be a bit of chore trying to think of the perfect gift for your travel-savvy mom. Fortunately, online lists can make gift picking easier, faster, and much simpler. Whether she’s a seasoned globetrotter or a tourist fresh off the ground, your mom will definitely appreciate fantastic travel-related gifts on the biggest day of maternal appreciation.

Summer Festivals: Europe
From winter to spring, then spring to summer, the changing of the seasons will just roll ou by if you aren’t careful. In Europe, a few upcoming festivals are prepped and ready to greet the season of warmth and lush growth. From flower-centric festivities to beer-drinking holidays, schedule your European travels accordingly and see what kind of amazing experiences you can capture for the upcoming season.

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The Worst Tourist Claims from Locals
Nobody likes it when tourists act entitled and do things “just because they can”. Nobody knows the pain of cringe-worthy tourists than the locals stationed near the landmarks and attractions where they frequent, though. With absurdities reigning from some of the stupidest questions asked to some of the most obscene acts done in a public area. While many of these travelers lean on the fact that they are in a foreign country and nobody will recognize them through the actions that they do, disgust and contempt over their actions definitely transcend borders and barriers when shared with the internet.