Places Pronunciation: Philippines

With around 7,641 islands, it can be hard to pronounce some of the more interesting names around the country. From letter sounds slurring into each other to hard pronunciations, there are lots of ways you can accidentally trip over saying these island names out loud. We give you a few pointers on how to properly sound out these places so you can communicate confidently. 

Siargao: SYAR-gau
Busuanga: Boo-SWANG-ga
Dumaguete: Duma-GE-te
Guimaras: GI-ma-ras
Siquijor: SIH-ki-hor

Marinduque: MAH-rin-doo-keh
Camiguin: Ka-MIH-gin
Zamboanga: Zam-BWANG-ga
Baguio: BAG-yo

Now that you’ve got a better grasp on how to say these Philippine island names, you can easily book a trip to the Philippines with a little lingual know-how. Say it like the locals do and get educated in the culture through so many little ways, from knowing how to pronounce the region you’re staying in to asking directions from some of the people that live on the islands themselves.