Present Picks for the Jet-setting Mom

An all-expense paid trip can be the ultimate Mother’s Day gift, however, that might not be in your budget. Here are our present picks which won't hurt the wallet but will definitely promise her functionality and style both in her adventures and everyday grind:

Tote bag
From their daily work grind to last-minute grocery shopping, this durable (and eco-friendly) and versatile bag is one of the best things to bring with on journeys. Never underestimate the power of a tote bag. More than just a fashion statement, it is an ideal spare bag for a traveler, especially for mothers. While there are lots of tote bags that offer fashion and functionality, why not give a special touch to it through a custom design?

For the outdoorsy mothers, a pair of sporty kicks that speaks stylish or chic is perfect for walking tours or adventures outdoor. Should your jet-setting mom be the beach lover-type or enjoys walks in the park, then pick a pair of pretty sandals (could be a slip-on, slip off shoes) or that will complement her style game. Always remember to opt for a pair that provides the full support for long walks.

Travel-wrap scarf
A traveler knows well that a scarf is a basic must-have. Roll it, works as a pillow. Feeling cold? Works as a blanket. Walking under the sun or visiting sacred landmarks? Works as a cover-up. Unplanned picnic but no mat to sit on, pretty sure you know how the scarf works on this. Its functionality goes on and you'd be surprised at how it can be a lifesaver in various unexpected situations. Up your jet-setting mom's style game with a scarf that she can also don to work or on a day out with her girls.

Passport holder and wallet
Passport, the one thing a traveler must protect at all cost, well second to oneself of course. Travel secure and in style with a passport wallet that holds not only the most important document when traveling but also bank cards and currencies. Not only will she use it for her journeys, but it also doubles as a cute clutch bag during a quick stroll or dinner.

Microfiber towel
While hotels usually provide towels to its guests, packing a travel towel can be a practical, smart move for a traveler. Giving your mom a quick dry, compact, and lightweight towel (preferably, antibacterial) will not only help her save space in her luggage but also provides hygiene.

You could take her out to a dinner date, to the movies or go shopping together, whichever you decide to get your mom, it's always the thought that counts. To your mom, you are her world and above anything else giving her the gift of time would mean the world to her.