Travel Treats: Fried Dumplings, China

Nothing says “delicious surprise” like the Chinese Dumpling, especially when fried. With its crispy, golden brown skin hiding away the savory mix of meats and spices within, it’s as fun as it is delicious to bite into. With a satisfying crunch, the mix of flavors and textures makes for a fun foodie experience.

The outer shell of the dumpling is made of a flour-based dough wrapped around a small lump of meat mixed with vegetables and a few other spices. While normally it is steamed, you can also fry it in some oil to get a nice crisp and some extra flavor into the flour wrap.

When biting into the fried dumpling, the initial plain taste of the wrapping enhances the flavor of what is hidden inside. The jump from subtle to savory after taking a bite is one of the many things you’ll love about this taste sensation and make you consider ordering it again every time.