Travel treats: Gimbap, Korea

If you’re familiar with the Japanese dish sushi, you’ll have some idea of what Korean
Kimbap is. Much like the wrapped food item found in the land of the rising sun, Kimbap
is a meal made up of rice then filled with vegetables, beef (like Bulgogi), egg, and maybe
a couple seafood items to boot. It is then wrapped with a dark-colored seaweed sheet
which gives off a salty taste. “Gim” (or “Kim”) is the name of an edible species of seaweed
while “bap” or “bop” is rice.

While it has originated from Korea, the dish has made its way to other countries like
New York, USA. While veggies and beef may be the traditional fillings, a variety of ingredients
can be added inside for wider variety. Think of it like an Asian version of a sandwich, except
the bread slices are replaced with rice rolled in seaweed.

The rice and ingredients are prepared first, vegetable chopped while meat, eggs and rice are
cooked up. Once the different materials are properly prepped, get a bamboo roller or a sturdy
sheet of aluminum foil and lay the seaweed sheet across the area. Set some rice on the sheet,
set the veggies, meat and other ingredient on the rice, and then roll tightly. Cut to size and enjoy
an oriental treat with some savory soy sauce!