Traveling Tips: Managing Your Seasonal Allergies

The biggest bane of the seasonal change is the return of the dreaded allergies that come with them. From sneezing, itchy throats, runny noses, headaches, and more, people can agree that seasonal allergies are something people would rather avoid at all costs.

Stay Inside on Windy Days

Travel might be in your blood, but pollen should not be inside your nostrils. This is especially important to remember when it’s windy or dry. Those are the ideal times for pollen to fly around and irritate the unlucky passerby. The best time to head out, however, is after a good rain shower. The aftermath of the rainfall prevents the pollen from floating around.

Avoid Morning Activities

If you are staying in a place with lots of foliage or flowering/fruit trees around, try to schedule your outdoor activities for the afternoon and avoid staying outside during the morning. The pollen count is a lot higher during the day, so avoid it as much as you can. If you really must head out during that time, use a face mask to avoid breathing in too much of the irritants.

Heed Pollen Forecasts

In places where pollen allergies are very prevalent, you might want to review a pollen forecast online, on a paper or even at the front desk of your hotel. Knowing is half the battle and arming yourself with information on when the pollen becomes harder to avoid will definitely help you avoid some hairy situations. Once you’ve got wind on when the pollen is at its worst, you can easily prepare a proper face mask and some antihistamines beforehand to help soften the attack on your sinuses and lungs.

Keep Indoor Air Clean

It’s not just the outside you have to look out for. You could easily take the pollen from the outside into your indoors if they stick to your clothes and hair. Once you get back inside after enjoying the outdoors, pack away the clothes you wore (either in a plastic or laundry bag) and immediately take a shower. Containing your allergen-infested outfits and washing your body can help prevent little particles from floating around and irritating you in the safety of your hotel room. Also, make sure the windows and doors are securely shut to avoid inviting the allergies.

Have Allergy Meds at the Ready

If you’re prone to allergies when going out, never EVER leave home without any anti-allergy meds, whether you have a prescription or not. If you know you’re sensitive to allergens, be sure to visit a doctor beforehand and see if you need to have special medicines to keep your runny noses, itchy throats, or crusty eyes at bay. Don’t forget to pack some tissues or wet wipes so you can clean yourself up when the allergies DO strike.

While allergies are often jokingly mentioned online, they can be very troubling and limit the journeys of travelers and tourists who want to make the most of their vacation. But with these simple and quick tips, handling these inconveniences will be a lot easier in the long run.