10 Cool Gift Ideas for the Traveling Dad

Finding the perfect Father’s Day present can be an adventure in itself, especially if your dad is an avid global traveler. Finding him a gift that is both functional and can look good can be a bit of a balancing act. With the right suggestions, though, you can easily hunt down a


An awesome pair of headphones works for all types of dads, whether a gamer, outdoorsman, or just a media mogul. Music, being part of almost everyone's lives, is best appreciated with a pair of headphones. Some of the best headphones are often wire-free but a solid pair with a wire tie can do just as well.


A dad on-the-go should always be ready for anything unexpected. Make sure his mobile will always get the extra boost it needs whenever, wherever. A powerbank is definitely a handy thing to have, especially if your dad is used to having his cellphone die on him during the most crucial travel moments.

Backpack/Duffel Bag

Whether he's heading to work, running errands, or off to a weekend getaway with the boys, he’ll need a bag that is both fashion-forward and functional that fits all his basic needs. A sturdy duffel or backpack is one of the most convenient items any adventuring dad can own.

Grooming Kit

For the hairy dad, a dependable clipper can be a great boon at any place and time (especially if it's wireless)! A classic grooming kit, or an electric shaver for the modern jet-setting dad! Since grooming is a man's routine task, giving him a portable grooming kit that he can easily pack in his bag will surely make the task fun, convenient, and effortless!

Aftershave Set

Now that he's got his shaving kit, level up his grooming game by making him feel as good as he looks by giving him an aftershave set. A good aftershave will make sure to disinfect any small nick and cuts he may have had while also reducing the slight irritation of a close shave.


About time (no pun intended) you gave your dad something to elevate his sense of style while also remind him to get to the boarding gate on the dot. Get him a timepiece that's ideal for his day and night clothes, whether spent on the daily grind or on his fantastic travels. He definitely won't leave home without it.


For the alcohol connoisseur, a decorative flask is a gift that will be most appreciated. Not only does it look great but it will hold his favorite drink so it can tide him over when he’s taking a break or wants to let loose a little. Just make sure it isn’t too big or you might hear some news of a tipsy traveler.


This could be the next favorite item that he’ll bring the most with him on his journeys. Some outdoor sandals or shoes are guaranteed to provide the right support during the long walks or climbs. A swanky pair of loafers or casual sneakers also work well too if he has a tendency to dress up. As long as his feet are well-supported and feeling good throughout his adventures, footwear is definitely a great present.

Mobile case

Sometimes all he needs to bring with him are (apart from some important keys) are his wallet and phone. For the working traveler type of dad, having a phone wallet combines two of those things into one! Now he won’t have to worry about two totally different things. Indeed, there's nothing better than a stable phone case/wallet that lets you store your cards and cash all in one place.


While this has been the go-to Father's Day gift, you can add a twist to his new addition of necktie collections. A custom-designed tie with his initials, a map, country's flag or any element that can express his love for travels do not only give a personal touch but also shows the effort of showing him how much you care about his fashion and passion.

Now you have some ideas as to what to get your one and only dad on this special day. But remember that even if it isn’t Father’s Day, you can still treat your adventuring father figure like the gem that he is.