5 Patriotic Monuments of the Philippines

by Martin Ita-as
originally published on Inquirer.net

This June 12, Philippine Independence Day is the perfect time for Filipinos across the world to show their patriotism and love for their mother country. Throughout the years, statues and monuments have been erected to honor heroic actions and events throughout the archipelago's history. Here are a few you may want to check out:

Rizal Monument

Filipinos across the country know of the great sacrifices Dr. Jose P. Rizal made advance the cause of Filipino liberation from the iron grip of the Spanish colonizers. With his status as the catalyst for the archipelago's freedom, the Rizal Monument, a great statue of this amazing man, was built in Luneta Park.

Scream at the Pugad Lawin Monument

At the start of the Philippine Revolution, one of the most memorable events was when the Filipino revolutionaries, the Katipuneros, tore up their Spanish taxpayers and gave a patriotic cry for freedom. This moment has been frozen in time with the "Sigaw sa Pugad Lawin" monument in Quezon City.

Andres Bonifacio Shrine

Speaking of the Katipuneros, their leader Andres Bonifacio, also has a shrine to his name. The statue depicts the Filipino leader and hero, in the hand, along with the many depictions of both his life and his death. You can see many of the different facets of his life, from his time as a child in his mother's arms to his battle-ready stance.

Shrine of Kagitingan
Also known as the "Shrine of Valor," this monument in Malabon, Bataan is a giant marker that reminds people of the brave souls who sacrificed themselves in the Second World War to keep the country's hard-earned freedom. The stately cross has depictions of various Philippine heroes and its base. Inside the cross is an elevator to the observation deck (much like the torch of the Statue of Liberty).

Lapu-Lapu Shrine
This 20-meter bronze statue of the great hero Lapu-Lapu is a treasured landmark in the island of Mactan. The man honored by this statue was said to be a datu (tribal leader or chief) who led the resistance against the invading Spanish colonists and killed Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. By this statue, which can be found in Punta EngaƱo, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, he is forever remembered as a man who bravely defended his homeland.

With these large symbols that stand the test of time, people will not be forgetting important heroes and figures who gave their all for Philippine. If you're in the area, why not take a look at these remembrances of our heroes. You'll sense the history and patriotism behind them for sure.