Best Eats around The World

Food is one of the aspects that make a country unique. The different flavors. The ingredients used. The way it’s being prepared. Each and every one of these different aspects can embody the nation that these dishes come from.

We list down some of the most delicious treats and dishes you can find in some parts around the world:
Nasi Lemak- Malaysia
While it is unofficially considered the national dish of Malaysia, the delicious mix of rice cooked with coconut milk and pandan leaf is by far the most memorable of their foods. This tasty treat is almost always accompanied by some sambal chili, ikan bilis (anchovies to the rest of the world), peanuts and a boiled egg. Tasty and filing at the same time.
Jamón Ibérico- Spain
This ham is specifically cut from the hind leg of a pig and is cured to perfection. This dish is iconic in the country and is best served with a cool glass of wine, hard, crusty bread and olives to really draw out the flavor. This is perfect when you’re relaxing with friends or as a couple while staying at home.
Roast beef and Yorkshire Pudding- England
This simple yet mouthwatering food and the national dish of England, Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding is a home favorite. Coupled with Beef gravy for some extra flavor and some doughy bread as an accompaniment to help balance the taste, this dish might just be one of the reasons you’ll love the Queen’s Country.
Pizza- Italy
You can’t leave Italy without sampling one of the dishes the European destination is famous for! First conceived in the southern city of Naples, A mix of a flat, circular bread topped with cheese, fresh vegetables and delicious spices has become a favorite to many. The Neapolitan- style pizza stands above all of them, though. A delightful mix of crunchy and chewy with only the highest quality of ingredients used makes this a highlight of any Italian escapade.
Adobo- Philippines
Not to be confused with the similarly named spice in Spain, Adobo in the Philippines is a full dish that features a type of meat (chicken, pork or beef) marinated in a mix of vinegar, soy sauce, garlic, and oil and then cooked with it. The meat deeply absorbs the flavor, turning it into a deliciously savory dish that all Filipinos know and love.

If you’re planning to have a taste of these scrumptious dishes, you’d best try it out in the places where they originated from. Only the best ingredients native to the lands are used, giving it a clear and crisp flavor for you to remember as the years go by. So get out there and seek out these treats for your next food trip.