Global News: Living in Munich, Philippine Jeepneys Going Eco-electric, and more!

Munich: the Most Livable City in the World
Munich, Germany has just been named as the ‘Most Livable City in the World”! Monocle, an urban lifestyle magazine founded in 2007, has recently just completed its 12th Quality of Life Survey. After searching and checking out multiple cities across the globe, Munich came out on top due to the balance of residential happiness and many other factors. Aside from clean and comfortable public transport and happy residents, there are so many reasons why you’d want to move to this great region.
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Philippine Jeepneys Going Eco-electric
With eco-minded solutions to help the environment popping up everywhere, the Philippine government has decided to lend its hand to one of the oldest problems Philippine roads and transportations have to this day: old school jeepneys. While reliable forms of public transport, these metal vehicles are more than past their prime. Borne from the leftover cars and engines from World War II, the Philippines hopes to transform these gas guzzlers into electric-powered wonders.
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16 Well-traveled Instagram Ladies
Who run the world? Apparently, these well-traveled ladies on Instagram do. With vibrant photos of their adventures around the globe, these adventurous gals show you that the world out there is just so full of many amazing things for you to discover and explore. Their photos not only feature beautiful places of interest but also help empower women to try traveling with others or even solo to discover their true adventuring spirit.
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Best Travels to Take
One of the biggest draws to travels are the experiences you can potentially garner during your adventures. But what if you could have a list of all the best activities you can try out for yourself across the globe? From fun activities in Europe, enjoyable journeys in the US, to must-do’s in Australia, there is so much to learn about and look into when it comes to these amazing journeys with memorable moments awaiting in each one.
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Incoming Hong Kong Attractions
Hong Kong has always been one of the hottest travel destinations for tourists across the globe. From its iconic visuals and feel, you can definitely feel its uniqueness to the other Asian countries of the world. But with some new Hong Kong attractions building up and opening sooner than you think, the tourist hotspot from the past is getting a fresh new coat of paint with these new and interesting places both foreigners and locals can add to their travel itineraries.
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