Global News: Summer Movies in Italy, Disney's Star Wars-themed Hotel, and more!

Summer flicks of Italy

Have you ever watched a movie with beautiful locations and ever thought to yourself “I would love to visit there someday”? One of the many countries featured in these movies often is the romantic European country of Italy. From its artsy streets to the vibe of a warm and exotic vacation location, you can’t help but fall slowly fall in love with it the more you see it on the big screen.

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Upcoming Star Wars-themed hotel by Disney

Recently, the Star Wars franchise has grown with a slew of new movie releases after a decade of silence on the silver screen. In the wake of this newfound popularity, all sorts of merchandise has popped up and gotten in the hands of fans both new and old: toys, keychains, replicas and more. Disney, the company that bought Lucasfilm back in 2012, is now taking the first step with a teaser for their very first Star Wars-themed hotel where old and young alike can enjoy relaxing in a seemingly foreign and exciting universe.

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Personality-based destinations for the traveler in you

There are many different kinds of traveler - the adventurer, the history buff, beachlover, staycationer, etc. While travelers are generally open to anything that comes to their way while journeying, there are also those who aim to go to places based on their specific travel preference. Check out which of these destination your travel persona will best enjoy visiting this summer season.

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King of Pop Exhibit Opens in London

Michael Jackson. A beloved figure in the music industry since he first performed with his family as the Jackson 5 at a young age. After his untimely death, people still believe he holds the crown as the true King of Pop. With so many memorable performances that helped shape the music of both yesteryear and today, It’s only natural a new exhibition would open in London to celebrate this amazing man and his amazing career.

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Colorful Locales Across the Globe

The world is a colorful place, with so many cultures, people, and ways of living. You can’t deny that the earth is full of vibrant people, places, and things. But certain destinations the world have their own amazing sights that contain the most diverse of color palettes for travelers to visit and discover all on their own.

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