Journeys Made Easy: Traveling with Kids

Have a family getaway soon? Traveling with kids can get overwhelming if you don’t keep them distracted while in the air. But as a parent, having a game plan ahead of time is key to stress-free family adventures! Here’s a checklist of things you’ll need to pack or know before you go on that amazing trip with the little ones!

Bring Some Fun Playthings (Just in case!)
Kids get bored easily, especially if there are parts in the itinerary that you have set for some attractions for you and your partner. Unless there are daycares available at your destination, you might want to keep your kids busy if they don’t want to enjoy breathtaking views or that show that you’ve been wanting to see while they accompany you.

Snacks & Drinks
Never underestimate a hungry kid. they’ll be kicking and screaming all through your travels if you don’t feed that fickle belly of theirs. Sometimes a snack attack will strike during a car ride or even while you’re on the way up your plane. That’s why compact snack packs or Ziplocs of non-wet or mushy finger foods are a blessing for any traveling parent. Make sure the snacks are allowed on a plane or boat and that they aren’t messy for kids with clumsy eating fingers.

First Aid Kit
When you are with kids, especially toddlers, it’s always good to have a tiny kit for their scrapes and boo-boos! Kids love to play and are very active, so you’ll need to be prepared if they hurt themselves while running or roughhousing. Be sure to have a good supply of disinfectant and colorful band-aids unless you plan on wrapping those kids with bubble wrap. Ha!

Skin Protection (Sunblock & Bug Repellants)
A trip to a country with strong sunlight and a tropical atmosphere calls for an ample amount of sunblock applied to your family’s skin. Bug repellant is equally important too because those warm climates are the perfect place for bugs to divide and multiply. A good spritz of repellent and sunblock will help keep your children bite-free throughout the length of the trip.

Change of Clothes
Kids can be very fussy when they feel uncomfortable in their clothes. Having a variety of outfits and clean diapers at the ready can make life a lot easier for both you and the kids. From comfy cotton clothes to jackets for the rainy weather, making sure your kids are dressed for comfort is often the way to make them feel calm enough to enjoy their trip quietly. If they’re relaxed, you can relax too.

With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to travel easier with a lot less crying, fussing, and fidgeting before, during, and after travel. You can introduce your kids to the wild world out there without having to drive yourself crazy trying to keep them in line! For more fun parenting tricks and advice, check out these tips before you get on that plane!