Museum Madness Across the World

Museums are amazing places: collections of artifacts and knowledge gathered throughout the years. Some of the most well-known of these places contain items from civilizations long past or art from some of the most skillful of hands. But not all museums are made equal as these establishment with strange themes and peculiar displays set themselves apart from the typical institution.

Underwater Museum of Art, Mexico

If you love the oceans and art galleries, then this art museum might just be your match made in heaven. The Underwater Museum in Mexico is a statue display under the waves that guests can enjoy either by diving under the waves or by looking at them from a glass-bottom boat. The figures not only look amazingly haunting under the sea, they’re also used to help promote the growth of coral reefs.

Instant Ramen Museum, Japan

Do you love instant cup meals? If you’ve lived at the dorms in college, wanted a quick and easy meal, or if you’ve ever experienced a dip in your food funds, you may have had to cook your own cup of soup and noodles. Because it is synonymous to Japanese culture and has been an ongoing trend for so long, this museum was built in Osaka. Different displays can be found here, from wall full of different noodle flavors to factories where you can customize your very own cup noodles.

Torture Museum, Amsterdam

While torture, especially the twisted methods of the past, can be a negative subject, others may find it a very interesting topic to explore. If you’re one of the people who have the itch to learn more about the torture methods of history, the Torture Museum of Amsterdam may just tickle your fancy. From thorn-ridden chairs to all manner of body-bending machines of punishment, you’ll discover much about the darkness of the human mind and innovation of years past.

Sewer Museum, France

Many of us would think of sewers as a place of disgust and mystery. Who knows what goes on down in the underground? That’s why the Sewer Museum located under the streets of Quai d'Orsay on the Left Bank exists. The drainage system in the cobbled streets of Paris has such a deep history to them that the government is willing to let tourists explore it for themselves and see just how these anti-flooding systems work.

Currywurst Museum, Germany

Ever heard of Currywurst? Based on the name alone, it’s a quick and easy dish originating from Germany that consists of a pork sausage that is steamed, then fried before curry ketchup is added. This dish is so well-liked that a museum was built in Berlin to make sure people know about it. From spice-smelling to sausage-shaped sofas, you can definitely feel the love for Currywurst here.

No matter what the museum features, it’s all about preserving the history and information of the past so the people of the future can learn of the triumphs and even the mistakes of the past. If you’re a knowledge-hungry traveler who has a love for all things strange and/or quirky, you’re definitely encouraged to give these places a visit!