Rainy Season Activities to Try

June usually marks the rainy season in the Philippines. Will the tropical country be less of a vacation destination because of this? No, it won't!

The archipelago keeps it charm as an interesting place to explore for people from all walks of life. With it history, attractions, and so many other activities, there are a lot of things you can do and see even when the sky is blanketed by dark rain clouds. Here are few activities you should try while in the country during the wet season:

Surfing With the strong winds and pitter pat of the rain, the waves in prime surfing destinations around the Philippines become even bigger and better for people experienced in the sport. Some of the beaches with spots perfect for cutting through a big wave include Siargao Island, Baler, La Union, Zambales, Catanduanes, and more. Just remember, rainy seasons can call on some big waves, so if you aren’t a veteran surfer, stay on the safe side and avoid waves that you don’t think you can handle.

Water Rafting/Kayaking/Tubing
Just like the waves for surfers, streams and rapids become even more extreme under rainy conditions. The increase of water and the speed of the flow makes any of these sports-based adventures even more fun than they ever are on normal days. Feel the rush of adrenaline as you zip through the waters and feel the cooling splash of the water. Exercise caution though as sometimes even the best of boaters can have trouble with the increased difficulty of these quick rapids.

Food trips
No matter what the weather, Filipino food still stays as delicious as ever. Indulge in some of the tasty and warm foods within the Philippine shores from piping hot soups like sinigang, tinola, bulalo, noodle dishes, and steamy rice to boot, there’s no better way to enjoy the rainy season than with your plate filled to the brim with meals that combat the cold and wetness from the inside out. Scout for the best restaurants around the area, go on a food trip with faily or friends, and make a dash for some savory eats on a drizzling day.

A staycation doesn’t necessarily mean just staying at home. It could also mean indulging in a stay in a fancy resort or hotel with all the amenities you can imagine. The country is home to some of the best hotels to stay in. With attractions like hotsprings, special massage centers, indoor sports facilities and the comfiest rooms with beautiful Filipino touches and accents. A vacation staying within any of the wonderful accommodations in the Philippines is an adventure away from home in itself already.

Museum Hopping
There are so many things to do and see even when the season covers the country in puddles and dark clouds. The cold and wet weather can even amplify the warmth you can enjoy from some things like a hot bowl of food or the warmer weather after the storm has passed. All you need to do is bring some waterproof items like shoes, shirts, jackets and pants, underwear and any items you can use to repel rain and cold. Once you’ve brought all of that with you, not even the strongest shower can stop you from having the time of your life.

No matter where you go, no matter the weather, there will always be a way to enjoy yourself and have fun. Whether it's an indoor attraction or a fun water-based activity, turn that gloomy day into a memorable event or journey. Look for your perfect getaway with Mango Tours' amazingly affordable Vacation Packages for travel destinations in the Philippines, Asia, and more!

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