Travel Treats: Poke Bowl

Have you ever hear of a Poke Bowl? While it may sound like that small ball-shaped item used to catch PokeMON, it’s actually a delicious dish that mixes rice with raw fish and vegetables topped over some tasty rice. Think of it like sushi but put inside a bowl instead of being wrapped in a sheet of seaweed. The word “Poke” (POH-keh) is hawaiian for “slice or cut”, which is pretty much how the fish used to decorate the top of the dish is prepared.

It all starts with marinating the fish meat, usually tuna, which is then cut up, and then poured into a steaming rice bowl (usually white rice). In Hawaii, ther dish is very well known and loved by the locals. It’s also very customizable to the tastes of the diner, from the type of fish being used to the vegetables added. In its native land, the meal can be found all over the place like in gas stations or roadside stalls.

With Poke Bowl meals slowly rising in popularity all over the place, it won’t be long before it’s as the Japanese dish of sashimi, which has similar ingredients but different ways of presentation.