Ways to Lose the Jet Lag

Jet lag. One of the avid traveler’s biggest nemeses since the dawn of aerial travel. The nauseating drowsy feeling has long been a downside to international travel for many, many years. The reason why we feel this way during our long travels is because the sudden change in environment can affect our “circadian rhythm” which affects physical, behavioral, and mental aspects of our body. This is often affected by sunlight.

But with a little help from experienced travelers and the internet, certain cures have circulated across the world giving rise to a variety of ways you can treat this air-induced annoyance.
Move Your Body
If napping isn’t your thing, maybe some exercise will get your blood pumping and combat the lag. Getting your body moving in the early morning or late afternoon to get your inner workings working at its optimal settings once again. Don’t exercise close to your bedtime, however, as that will throw off your body clock once more, adding needless suffering for you.
Outdoor Alleviation
Spending a relaxing sit in a park bench or having a small meal and drink during the morning may help. Spending some time outdoors under some sunlight can help with your messed up biological clock and adjust it again so you feel better. The optimal times to soak in the sun is around 8-9 am.
Avoid Coffee/Alcohol
Before heading to your bed for a good night sleep post-travel, try to avoid alcoholic beverages or drinks with caffeine. The stimulants inside of these drinks will further push your internal systems out of whack and just cause you to get even more haggard.
Nap a Bit
One of the big factors that contribute to a bad case of jet lag is a lack of sleep. An unfamiliar environment like in a plane or during travel may contribute to your lack of sleep. If you’re prone to bad bouts of jetlag, always take into account that it is best to try and distract yourself for a few hours by reading or watching a movie then simply adjust to the time zone of your destination as soon as you arrive. A quick 10-minute nap along with a lot of rehydration will also help you feel better in between.
Wash it Off
Sometimes, the temperature of your body can help put it back on track. You can regulate your body temp by controlling the water during your bath. Use warm water in the morning and use cool water for the evening. The water running through you will help regulate your body and make you feel right as rain once more.
Jet lag may be an inconvenience to travelers, but knowing how to deal with it is the first step to shaking it off and truly enjoying your adventure the way you intended to experience it.