Attraction Overview: The Swiss Alps

Switzerland is one of the most naturally beautiful countries across Europe. From its rolling green hills to its frosty snowlands, the great outdoors is definitely the place to be in while visiting. However, there is one iconic Swiss attraction that is sure to take the breath away of any traveler, whether foreign or local: the Swiss Alps.
The refreshing and verdant scenery of the Alps is definitely one of the most majestic and well-preserved in the entire world. The snow-capped peaks, cool valleys, and calm lakes are just some of the threads used to weave this eye-opening tapestry of wonder and glory.
Lying in the mountainous heart of Switzerland, the temperature, natural rock faces, and pristine carpets of snow make it a great place to trek and enjoy sports, hiking, and other fun outdoor activities, especially during the sweltering summertime. There is an easily-accessed tourist area called the Bernese Oberland in the Jungfrau area, but the main attraction most climbers and visitors come for is the impressive Matterhorn, mountains that reach up to 4,478m in height.
Stay cool while surrounding yourself with the healing sight and natural vibe of the Swiss Alps! It’s definitely one place that brims with life and deserves a spot on your bucket list.