Global News: The fantastic Changi Airport, What's special about staycations, and more

Changi’s Layovers Getting Lit
The Changi Airport in Singapore is getting some fantastic changes that’ll make it a layover hotspot for traveling tourists all over the world. Aiming to keep its title as the best airport in the world for its 7th year in a row, the famed airport has created a structure with mix-use facilities that will connect multiple terminals together. Inside will be a marvel of engineering, from Canopy Parks to five-story gardens.

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Something Special about Staycations
Staycations became popular as a vacation option during the great depression, allowing families to enjoy time away from home while still keeping within budget. They’re often experienced in places around 4 to 5 hours away, booking a lovely hotel in the nearby state and visiting some of the fine exhibits that are so very close by. There are SO many reasons why these fantastic travel ideas are still so very in.

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Must-visit Switzerland Destinations
The freshness and beauty of Switzerland can hardly be contained in a postcard or travel ad. You Truly have to see it for yourself to truly absorb the amazing color and beauty of both its rural and urban charms. So the next time you travel to this eye-opening European destination, make sure you’ve got the right guide to show you all the best!

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Secrets of Japan Living by Expats
Nothing beats having experience when it comes to living in the real world. No matter how much you study or go over books that are related to your intended subject, it all goes to waste if you don’t put what you’ve learned into practice up close and personal. Who better to explain the small nuances and quirks of Japanese culture than people who have lived there for such a long time?

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Your Skin on the Go!
Your skin is your biggest organ and is also one of the most sensitive, protecting your body and acting as a shield against the germy outside forces. For travelers, their skin can sometimes get exposed to the most extreme of weather conditions and environments: from the stiffening cold of the mountaintops to the strong heat of a tropical isle. Being careful with your skin can help keep it happy and revitalized for a long time and is one of the best ways to prep for an upcoming holiday.

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