Global News: First-time traveler's Guide to Europe, Seattle's Plastic Ban, and more!

Europe 101: Guide to first-time travelers
The continent of Europe is a beautiful place to explore, but its large size and multitude of destinations make it a little confusing to traverse for people who have never been there before. With a simple guide, however, you’ll find it easier to explore this amazing land at your leisure and find all of the best tourist hotspots that need to be visited even just once!
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Fourth of July Updates
Like any big holiday in the US, travel may prove a little difficult with people from across the states traveling back home to spend them with family and friends. With the internet, however, navigating the traffic of both vehicles and people during these busy days can be a little bit more bearable and help journeys like this run a little smoother.
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Seattle first state to ban plastic utensils
Plastic spoons, forks, knives, and straws are a lot more harmful than you might think, finding their ways into oceans where they take several years to break down and are sometimes eaten by accident by the local wildlife. That’s why Seattle is the first to take a step towards eco-friendly options by banning the use of petroleum-based dining utensils in their restaurants, delis, food trucks, and more.
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Dollar-friendly global destinations
Travel is a great way to broaden your horizons and open your mind to new and exciting adventures. But one of the big hurdles of fully enjoying your journey can be the cost of tours, food, and entrance fees for certain destinations. But not all tourist destinations put a lot of emphasis on the cost of tourism! All it takes is a little information to know where you can make the most out of your vacation funds.
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Lockdown on powders for planes
Mind your spices and review your compact powder cases because airports are putting an emphasis on security when concerning these items such as baby powder, spices, certain powdered drinks, and more. This may especially be the case when it comes passengers who will be embarking on international flights. People are advised to keep these items in their luggage to avoid any unneeded inspections and processes.
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