Global News: Taiwan's Top Destinations, Solo Travel Tips, and more!

Taiwan’s Top Destinations
Taiwan has always been none of the world’s most well-known tourist destinations. But with so many exciting attractions to explore, it can be tough to pick the places worth witnessing with your own eyes. From mountain ranges, to city views, and calm lakes, there is just so much beauty hidden within the country that you owe it to yourself to take the time and research all of the places that are worth your time and money during your journeys there.
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Solo Trips That Rock
In the past, solo female journeys have been usually looked down on. Nowadays, it has become a goal for many women across the world inspired by many fearless female travelers who are slowly conquering the world with their passion for adventures. Are you one of those itching to pack your bags and see the world on your own? You’re at the right place, Forbes gathered the best journeys you can take as suggested by fellow independent women.
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Go with the Flow
With cruise trips gaining more traction in recent years, travelers can’t help but as “which trips are worth taking?” There’s nobody else who can answer questions like these as well as critics can. With their knowledge, picking the right cruise for you can be a lot less of a dilemma. From seaside adventures on French waters to the cool shores surrounding Alaska. It definitely pays to collect as much info as you can before finalizing any big cruise bookings you might have planned on your next holiday.
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Perfect Getaway Bag
Do not underestimate the role of a fantastic bag that you can easily pack your belongings the last minute for a quick weekend getaway. While you may want one that you can carry in style, it is also important to keep in mind its functionality. Here are pro-approved weekender bags that compliment the needs of the traveler in you.
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Philippine Textiles ready to go International
Traditional weaving craft has long been a part of Philippine history and is still practiced even today. With vivid colors and dreamy patterns, these handmade masterpieces can make for great souvenirs. That is just one of the reasons why a businessman thinks that the local weaving scene can definitely thrive in the global market. Who knows what the future holds for both the textile market and weaving businesses in the tropical archipelago for the future?
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