Savvy Traveler: Packing Clothes in Clothes

Being a busy traveler can be a bit of a tricky puzzle, especially when it comes to the packing aspect. Fitting as many things into your bag can be a balancing act that even many seasoned travelers can struggle with. You’d be surprised how much space small things like underwear, socks, and handkerchiefs can take up!
But every dilemma, no matter how big or small, always have a simple solution. To free more space in your trunk all you have to do is put one article of clothing into another article of clothing. Not only does this save space but it can make it easier to find things because you put two categories of wear together.
One good example of space-saving, clothes-combining technique that’s simple is to stuff your shoes with pairs of socks. Put both left and right socks in their respective shoes so you don't have to unfurl them when you want to wear them on a night out or a cold day. If you’re bringing a polo shirt or an article with a stiff collar, roll a belt or tie into a circle and stuff it into the neck hole of the shirt.
Alternatively, you can put make-up and jewelry into small bottles and pill containers respectively and then put those inside of socks or a folded hoodie to protect them while freeing up tiny pockets of bag space. Another packing tip EVERY traveler need to know is that rolling your clothes minimizes the usage of space compared to the traditional square shaped method.
Next time you start packing for a big trip think of what items you can organize inside other articles of clothing. Every small inch of free space can really help with the arrangement and the number of items you can compact and stuff into your travel baggage, giving you both peace of mind and flexibility as a tourist.