Spotlight: Terrific Train Travels

In recent times, with the age of touchscreens and high-speed convenience, travel is all about speed and ease of effort. With the convenience of planes and fun of cruising nowadays, no other form of transportation seems worth taking. But a recent trend in locomotion-based travels seems to be popping up all over the place, highlighting the enjoyable pace and luxury of the modern railways.
The first locomotive was invented in 1814 by British engineer, George Stephenson. In the beginning, trains were steam-run engines that had to be powered constantly by shoveling in wood or coal. The first trains were so heavy that carrying passengers was impossible, running only at 5 mph at the beginning. It only took a year before the first human-carrying trains would be created (carrying only 36 people).
Nowadays, trains run so much faster and carry way more than they could back in the day. If any phrase could be used to describe long-distance train travel, it’s “a hotel on tracks”. With cross-country destinations like Venice, Peru, Moscow, and much more. Most luxury rails have modern cabins with all the amenities of a top-class accommodation. From comfortable beds and furnishings, you’ll definitely feel at home while on the move.
But cabins aren’t the only thing these long-distance luxury trains have to offer. Dining in a window-lined train car doesn’t just provide the best natural light as you enjoy a freshly made meal but also allows you to look out and enjoy the view outside as it whizzes by. Exploring the train can also be a fun experience, especially if it’s designed like one of those retro wooden carts. Definitely an opportunity for awesome travel photographs.
With so many different types of trains in many beautiful countries, take to the tracks and enjoy the scenes scrolling past for a journey that’s both convenient and relaxingly visual.