Top Transport Tips for Tourists

Public transportation is a great boon for travelers and locals alike, giving people the option to travel overseas or ride to places even without a car. But no matter how convenient a mode of travel can be, it will always have its downs to go with the ups.
Fortunately, we’ve got tips on how to make terrible transport tips good and good ones even better!
The first order of business when riding the train is securing a seat you are comfortable being in. Try to get a seat reservation far in advance or line up on the train as early as you can manage. This will give you enough time to select a cabin of your choosing (on a luxury train) or a seat that is very convenient for you (on a regular train). Trains are often easy-ride experiences, so make sure you bring all kinds of items to make your ride a little more entertaining like books, games, and even packed snacks if your trip is a bit long. Also look out for snatchers or thieves who might use the cover of darkness in tunnels to snatch your belongings. Always keep your bags properly closed, locked, and close by.
Rides that are several hours long can really take a toll on your body, especially on the lower back, hips, and neck. But there are lots of ways you can make it a lot bearable and pleasant. First step: choose a quality bus company. Bus quality makes all the difference when taking a long trip as the pricier buses will have comfier seats and working air conditioners. Next, pick a seat that you’re sure to be comfy in. Would you rather rest your head on the window, or would the extra space of the bus aisle suit you better? Do you mind feeling the full brunt of the road bumps sitting in the back or would you rather not be jerked around by hairpin turns while in the front? Much like a train ride, you can also opt to bring your own snacks and drinks, but try to limit your drinks to sips to avoid needing multiple bathroom trips (drink electrolyte-filled drinks instead).
Cruise ship
It can pay to arrive at the starting point of your cruise trip a lot earlier than intended as many people have missed their boats due to unexpected complications such as traffic, weather warnings, and many other travel mishaps. Look into getting pre-cruise accommodations as close to the port as you can manage. There are many ways you can maximize your time onboard: from avoiding the pool during “optimal swimming” times, exploring all the available amenities on the ship, and buying a spa pass in advance if you want to have your body pampered. Not into group dinners? You can easily request your meal be delivered to your room for maximum comfort while dining.
It always pays to have a comfy outfit that is easy to put on and take off when needed. Wear slip-on shoes and avoid wearing complicated belts (or any belts at all) to speed through the police checks. Don’t spend your flight stressing out over work and opt to relax instead. Leave all your job worries on the ground and finish working on it while still on the ground, whether you do it before or after the flight. Listen to a podcast, watch a movie, put on your neck pillow for a nap or just do whatever it is you do to distract yourself and you might find the hours just zipping by. Taking it easy can really help reduce jet lag, which can really put a damper on your trips upon arrival more often than not. Try to get some ample rest a day before your flight and stock up on water while in the sky as long air travels have been known to dehydrate travelers and cause headaches.
Use this knowledge to conquer the good, the bad, and the ugly of any travel trip and your adventures will go a lot smoother than you might expect! All it takes is a little effort and a lot of planning to make any travel journey a truly memorable experience.