Travel Glossary (part 1)

Accommodation - hotel or a place that offers rooms for rent during the entire trip
Add-on - additional, extra, optional service travelers can avail with their booking purchase.
Boarding pass - a ticket or pass authorizing passenger to board its designated plane
Booking - successful sale of any travel service
Booking fee - an additional fee on top of any purchase. It usually applies to online transactions, which includes web admin fee, customer service, card processing/transaction fees, etc.
Currency - the money that each country use to pay
Destination - place, usually region, country, or a specific landmark, to travel to or visit
Guide - person(s) accompanying travelers during a tour
Hub - usually called as the airline's headquarters or the airport in a city in which the specific airlines use for flight operations such as connection/stop-over
Leisure travel - a travel intended for pleasure, entertainment, or pure relaxation, with an itinerary including tours, excursions, and recreational activities
Nonstop - a flight without connection or stop-over, traveling directly to destination
Roundtrip - a flight which comprises the destination and return trips