Travel Treats: Marzipan, Italy/Germany

Simple, sweet, and ever so malleable, Marzipan is a fun dough-like treat that can be molded into a variety of shapes or added to another dessert for an extra bit sugary flavor. It is a very versatile material to work with and can be eaten on its own, topped on cakes, layered over a baked treat, and so much more.
The name marzipan derives from the words Marzipan in German or marzipan in Italian. It is also said to have been named after St. Marcus, whose Estonian name is Martsipan. Some say it was invented during a time in Italy when harvests were so bad that the only thing that could be salvaged was almonds (a product Italy is very well-known for). Germans, however, have their own marzipan capital, the town of L├╝beck. It is here where master confectioners craft world-famous marzipan which is used across Europe.
Lying in the mountainous heart of Switzerland, the temperature, natural rock faces, and pristine carpets of snow make it a great place to trek and enjoy sports, hiking, and other fun outdoor activities, especially during the sweltering summertime. There is an easily-accessed tourist area called the Bernese Oberland in the Jungfrau area, but the main attraction most climbers and visitors come for is the impressive Matterhorn, mountains that reach up to 4,478m in height.
When made firm, it is easily manipulated into different shapes that stay set (such as animals, fruits, insects, etc.) But softer versions are often incorporated into other dishes such as the filling for Christmas Stollen or Salzburg Mozartkugels, combined with nougat and chocolate. The possibilities are endless as it’s a dessert you can enjoy in any way and any form!