Travel Treats: Tsokolateng Tablea

Who doesn’t love a nice warm cup of hot chocolate to start the day? Brands like Milo, Nesquik, and so many other powdered milk drink usually come to mind, but nothing is richer and more savory than a cup of the Philippine’s own Tsokolateng Tablea.

To make tablea the cocoa beans are first dried and then roasted in a pan until it is dark or a chocolate aroma can be smelled from it. When that’s done, they take out the bean inside the outer shell. While still slightly warm, the beans are then grinded. This not only turns the cocoa into dust but also releases the natural cacao butter which forms into a thick substance like tar. Then the cacao powder is scooped up and formed into spheres, block or round shapes that harden while it cools.

Just pour some warm milk with a tablea inside your mug and you're sure to sip up a taste sensation that will leave your tummy tingling.