10 Culinary Destinations

There’s more to traveling than just seeing places. They say that one of the best ways to better understand your destination is through its food. Take out your pen and paper and take note of these places, with notable cuisines, that are sure to find a way to your heart.
A French feast of the freshest catches in Le Guilvinec, the largest fishing traditional fishing port in south Finistere; Provence’s Michelin-star restaurants and homegrown gourmet; Burgundy’s famous beef bourguignon and the finest cheese, and exceptional wines in Alsace are nothing but a culinary dream come true worthy of a spot in your bucket list.
When you think of Italy as a food The first thing that comes to mind is that pasta is an Italian dish that’s filled with history. However, it originates from Asia as introduced by Italian merchant Marco Polo through his travels. While the Florence, Rome, and Venice have won the hearts of many as a Europe’s prominent destinations, Bologna, with its endless surprises of culinary delights, is indeed one of the must-tries when it comes to food travels. You can either indulge in a selection of menus that are rooted in tradition or feast in an abundance of contemporary versions of all-things pasta, natural wine, cheese, and classic finger foods.
There’s a reason that Japan’s cultural cuisine, washoku, is listed under UNESCO Intangible Heritage. Every corner of this country is cooking something that you surely cannot resist. Going on a tour in Japan is like a food adventure across this amazing country. With every destination offers varying food scene. There is no limit to what dining places in cities offer, although you’d definitely delight in certain favorites in places where they are best made like famed sushis in Tokyo; kaiseki, the traditional multi-course Japanese dinner in Kyoto; takoyaki and okonomiyaki in Osaka; multitude selection of rice dishes in the Niigata prefecture; unagi in Nagoya; soba noodles in Nagano prefecture, and more!
In the land of 7,641 islands, you will never run out of unique gastronomic finds. The scope of its food scene comprises of street foods which vary from town to town, exotic delicacies (like the famous fertilized duck egg “balut” or shipworm “tamilok”) from every province, and a smorgasbord fusion of cultures that have strong ties with other countries (paella, lumpia, etc.). Whether you have a discerning palate, are keeping a close watch of your diet, or just a foodie who simply loves to indulge in food travels, Filipinos have a way of satisfying you with their distinct Philippine flavor.
Who hasn’t tried a tasty paella or a gazpacho and fallen in love with their rich flavors? Spanish cuisine definitely made its mark the world all over the world, so why not fly to beautiful Barcelona and try an authentic dish? Spanish dishes are known for their use of garlic and olive oil, the latter being a well-known product of the country.
If you like Chinese take-out, you’ll LOVE the real thing a whole lot more. Authentic Chinese food is known to be delicious but most dishes also have a balance of herbs, meat, vegetables, and spices that can taste amazing while also being good for you. Try some stir-fried peanut and broccoli or a tasty sweet and sour chicken!
The food scene in England has been recognized as one of the world’s most diverse and exciting, opening its gates to so many foods from different cultures and regions. This allows residents to mix and match foreign tastes with a little local flavor, creating new and exciting dishes that will delight.
New York’s food scene is ever-evolving and changing. With around 10,000 and more restaurants to be explored in the Big Apple, you’ll be able to find anything that will light up your taste buds. From organic food markets to all the latest food trends available, there’s so much foodies can look forward to when visiting.
With their food scene rising on a global scale, foodies have their eyes on the dishes down under. With food halls, restaurants, and bars galore, artisan food makers can be found discovered and enjoyed there. From the expensive but sweet Snow Egg to Truffled Egg Pasta, each dish is a true delight.
If you want high-ranking restaurant food, you’ll definitely put Peru on your food trip map. Peruvian food, like Ceviche or Papas a la Huancaina, is so good, several of its restaurants have made it to Top 50 lists of the best restaurants around the world such as Central, Maido, and Astrid y Gastón. With a quick cab ride, you’ll be wining and dining with the best of them in this country (granted, their menu items have an understandably high price).