5 Coolest Cities to Visit

While everyone may be headed to trending destinations across the world, here are few underrated cities that await dauntless travelers like you:

Arequipa, Peru
Foodie or not, you're sure to fall in love with Peruvian dishes because there's a reason why this country has been named as a leading food destination by World Travel Awards since 2012. Apart from its notable culinary feature, and breathtaking vistas, this city established in volcanic sillar rock by the Spanish colonizers in 1540, represents interestingly rich fusion of European and native facets through the architectures of plazas, cathedrals, monasteries and other structures. Just like Puebla, this city is listed under the UNESCO World Heritage Site, again, another gem worthy of a spot in your bucket list.

Nagasaki, Japan
Located in the western end of Japan is a hub where a beautiful mix of Japan's culture and history thrives. Nagasaki served as a gateway to the West and bridge to mainland Asia which resulted in harmonious interaction and among various cultures. From the persecution of the Christians to the atomic bombing during the World War II and overcoming several natural disasters, the prefecture boasts of some of the world's most fascinating tourist attractions and interesting historical background.

Puebla, Mexico
A two-hour drive from the capital takes you to Mexico's fourth-largest city. Apart from boulevards, street-side cafes, and brightly-painted houses, which through the influence of Spanish colonists a evoke European vibe, Puebla is known for having strong religious roots and this is evident through its many churches. It is known for the Cinco de Mayo Battle in 1862 and the historic city center becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987. Pueblo's charm, pleasant year-round climate, and cuisine (specifically the spicy chocolate sauce called mole poblano) are sure to sweep you off your feet.

Cairo, Egypt
No visit to Egypt is complete without seeing the world-renowned monuments that are the Giza Pyramids. To get a deeper understanding of this destination, step into one of its oldest mosques constructed between AD 876 and 879, the 6-acres Mosque of Ibn Tulun; visit the upcoming Grand Egyptian Museum, home to many of Egypt's oldest treasures; and wander through the winding souqs.

Malacca, Malaysia
Situated in the southern region of the Malay Peninsula is the historic state that is Malacca. Its many old buildings, iconic landmarks, and many other structures that exude European design are reminders of a bygone era with its colonizers namely the British, Dutch, and Portuguese. Apart from architectural riches, Malacca is also popular for many other trivial attractions like museums, zoos, and cultural parks, all of which continues to draw tourists from different corners of the world.